Private Sailboat Experiences in the River Tagus

Lisbon | Variable Duration

Private Sailboat Experiences in the River Tagus

Lisbon | Variable Duration

Ready to observe the eternal "young" city on board a sailboat across the river Tagus? We suggest comfortable clothes, sports shoes and a jacket to protect from wind and moisture. Sunglasses and a hat help the charm and, together with sunscreen, also protect from the sun. During the day or at sunset, enjoy an incomparable view of Lisbon from the river, harmonize with the drink that will be served to you and create unforgettable memories!
On this tour you will enjoy a route that starts at the Parque das Nações Marina and will lead you to the port where, in the 15th century, Portuguese caravels set out to give the World new worlds; the square where King Manuel I established the royal residence in the 16th century and where the palace was located for nearly two centuries, today occupied by government departments, hotels, restaurants and cafes. Comércio Square, one of the largest squares in Europe, is currently limited to car traffic and has been converted to pedestrian circulation. It is also where the imposing Triumphal Arch of Rua Augusta is located, the access "door" to Lisbon's downtown, whose construction began in the 18th century and was only concluded in the 19th century. Adjust the sails and prepare to return to all Nations Park (aka Parque das Nações)!

Duration: 2 hours

Route: Parque das Nações Marina / Comércio Square / Parque das Nações Marina

Day & Time: From Monday to Sunday, daytime until sunset
Did you know that Lisbon and the city of San Francisco, in the USA, both have a steel colossus so similar that anyone who sees images of both cities is in danger of getting confused? On this tour, which passes through the new Lisbon cruise pier, Terreiro do Paço, Cais do Sodré and where you can see the emblematic statue of Christ the King, you will discover the 25 de Abril Bridge in a very different perspective... This steel colossus, built in the 60's of the 20th century by the American company United States Steel Export Company, connect Lisbon to Almada (or the north to the south bank of the river Tagus) and has in its genesis the engineering knowledge of the famous Golden Gate Bridge, in San Francisco, since it was the development of suspension bridge technology (only possible in 1937 with the inauguration of the Golden Gate bridge, in the United States of America), that made possible to equate a crossing of more than two kilometers without interruption by spans that could disturb the fluidity in the river. Both bridges were never intended to be identical, because their designs have different authors, but the fact is that they have the same suspension architecture and the same color, that changes its tonality like a chameleon depending on the time of day. And when the bridge lights come on, with the sunset lighting up the horizon, some say that magic happens...

Duration: 3 hours

Route: Parque das Nações Marina / 25 Abril Bridge / Parque das Nações Marina

Day & Time: From Monday to Sunday, daytime until sunset
Perhaps just a few Portuguese know where the Tower of Saint Vicent is... But if you ask any Portuguese where is the Belém Tower, everyone will give you the right answer! However, the Tower of Saint Vicent and Belém Tower are actually the same monument, with Tower of Saint Vicent being the official name and Belém Tower the name best known by Portuguese. On this tour, that passes under the 25 de Abril Bridge, you can see the emblematic statue of Christ the King, the Monument to the Discoveries and Jerónimos Monastery, you will see the famous Tower of Saint Vicent on the starboard side and the mouth of the Tagus River, or where the river flows into the ocean. The Tower of Saint Vicent or Belém Tower was built in the 16th century by King Manuel I, it was at the time totally surrounded by water and close to the former beach of Belém. It was built with the purpose of integrating the defense plan of the Tagus river mouth and was dedicated to the patron saint of Lisbon, Saint Vicent of Zaragoza. Classified as a National Monument since 1907, it's considered a World Heritage Site by UNESCO since 1983 and one of the most emblematic monuments in Lisbon. Breathe in the sea breeze, steer the wheel and head upstream!

Duration: 4 hours

Route: Parque das Nações Marina / Belém Tower / Parque das Nações Marina

Day & Time: From Monday to Sunday, daytime until sunset




DURATION: Variable depending on experience


The tours are carried out on Westerly Typhoon 37 or Westerly Regatta 31 sailboats and include insurance, fuel, crew and a complimentary drink per person

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