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Cascais and Sintra | Variable Duration

Body & Soul Experiences

Cascais and Sintra | Variable Duration

For those who don't dispense the proximity to nature, are a fan of active sports and want to experience more than gastronomy and culture, we've gathered a series of adventure experiences in some of the most stunning places of the Portuguese coast and very close to Lisbon!
Get ready for a climbing experience with breathtaking views of the sea or the mountains! Two climbing sites are available, both for beginners and for more experienced in the modality: Casa da Guia (Cascais) and Serra de Sintra (the climbing site is chosen by our guides according to the weather).

Casa da Guia provides ideal climbing conditions throughout the year. Exposed to the south, it is protected from the cold north wind (characteristic of the Portuguese coast). The Guia limestone cliffs offer numerous possible routes, tested and frequently used by our guides team. Alternatively, Serra de Sintra is a place where you can feel the 4 seasons in one day. Because of its cooler temperatures, many consider it the perfect place to climb during the summer. This mountain range offers several possible climbing routes (Boulder and Sport Climbing) and, due to its great extension, there are still many areas to be explored.

Max Number of Participants: 5

Days & Time: From Monday to Sunday, 9:30 AM to 1 PM or 2 PM to 5:30 PM

Choose your route in this two-wheel adventure:

Between Earth and Sea, a more relaxed route that passes through Roca's Cape (the westernmost point of continental Europe) and with an impressive view over the Atlantic, with trails along the Serra de Sintra, the cliffs by the sea and along the coast from Cascais to Praia (beach) Grande.

Flaming Trails, for those looking for greater adrenaline and to improve their unique track technique. Also, in Serra de Sintra, whose rugged topography hides a huge variety of trails within the forest, this course suits all levels of experience in the sport. Climb up to the summit of this mountain range and enjoy the descent through the best single-tracks in the region.

Max Number of Participants: 5

Days & Time: From Monday to Sunday, 9:30 AM to 1 PM or 2 PM to 5:30 PM

Inspire all the natural beauty that we propose to you! With breathtaking landscapes and intense scent or sea or mountains, you just have to choose your hike...

In the Happy Trails, you have 3 tours at your disposal:

1. Along the rocky coast of Roca's Cape (the westernmost point of continental Europe) to a secluded bay.

2. Through the breathtaking Serra de Sintra to its highest point, where you will be rewarded with a unique view from Guincho beach to Lisbon.

3. Tour down a cliff, passing through the footprints of fossilized dinosaurs and ending in a bay almost untouched by man.

In the Mindful Hike get ready for a unique experience along Roca's Cape and up to Ursa Beach. Along this hike you will experience different awareness exercises until you reach the secluded Ursa Beach. In the sand will be just you, one with Nature. This is the perfect location for a relaxing 15-minute Yoga session. Our guide and yoga instructor will guide you through a meditation travel, ending with a Portuguese wine tasting, some snacks and sunset before returning.

Max Number of Participants: 9

Days & Time: From Monday to Sunday, 10 AM to 1 PM or 3 PM to 6 PM

On Guincho or Carcavelos beach (the beach is chosen by our guides according to the weather) get ready for a relaxed and fun surfing lesson!

Guincho beach is located near Cascais, at the foothills of Serra de Sintra and has a unique and stunning natural landscape. It is particularly known for its wind conditions during the summer, which makes this beach ideal for kitesurfing and windsurfing. Together with Praia (beach) Grande and only 25 km away from Lisbon, this is considered one of the best places to surf in the proximity of the Portuguese capital. It is the only beach with southern wind and more consistent wave undulation during the summer.

Carcavelos beach is one of many beaches of Costa do Sol, being famous for its winter waves. The north wind, typical of the Portuguese coast, creates in this beach fast and tubular waves, perfect for the practice of this modality. During the summer the waves are small and therefore its waters receive numerous beginners in the surf practice.

Max Number of Participants: 9

Days & Time: From Monday to Sunday, 10 AM to 12 AM or 3 PM to 5 PM



MAXIMUM PARTICIPANTS & DURATION: Variable depending on experience

INFO: According to your wish, the experience can be private (only for your family and/or your group of friends)


All experiences include insurance, are accompanied and oriented by experienced guides and coaches in each modality and in the region/place where the activity takes place
The Climbing experience includes all climbing gear and helmet
The Mountain Biking experience includes bicycle and helmet
The Meditative Hike experience includes wine and snacks for the tasting described in the program
The Surf Initiation experience includes thermal wetsuit and surfboard

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Daily experiences, with specific days and times and availability subject to confirmation


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