Safety Certifications

Lisbon Corporation ® holds the Clean & Safe 2021-2022 stamp, certification of Turismo de Portugal, and the European Tourism Covid-19 Safety Seal, certification of the European Committee for Standardization in partnership with the European Commission, for tourism companies that comply with the guidelines of the National Health Authority for the prevention and control of COVID-19.

Portugal was the first country in the world to create and implement a safety and hygiene certification for COVID-19 prevention through the creation of the Clean & Safe seal by Turismo de Portugal, winner in 2019 of the World Travel Award for the World's Leading Tourist Board and World's Leading Destination, awards that has recognized the excellence of this organization in the tourism industry for three consecutive times.

Our Safety and Hygiene Standards:

For Travelers:

- Face Mask: Mandatory indoor;

- Hand Hygiene: Frequently, using hand disinfectants with alcohol at 70º;

- Cough and Fever: In case of acute cough and fever the traveler will not be able to participate in the experiences and should remain in isolation at his hotel, contact the SNS24 (Portuguese NHS) phone service (808 24 24 24) and wait for medical advice;

- Social Distancing: Minimun distance of 2 meters between the traveler and the guides and monitors of the experiences;

- We provide information to our travelers on the basic precautions for prevention and control of COVID-19 and on the internal protocol of Lisbon Corporation.

For Employees:

- Face Mask: Mandatory indoor;

- Hand Hygiene: Frequently, using hand disinfectants with alcohol at 70º;

- Cough and Fever: In case of acute cough and fever the employee must inform the company, stay at home and in isolation, contact the SNS24 (Portuguese NHS) line (808 24 24 24) and wait for medical advice;

- We provide internal training to all employees on our internal protocol, concerning hand hygiene, respiratory etiquette, social conduct and cleaning standards.

We Make The Difference:

- Experiences and Short Breaks Partners: All our partners hold the Clean & Safe stamp and have also instituted protocols on safety and hygiene standards;

- Social Distancing: All of our experiences are private and exclusive to your group.

See here the recommendations of the National Health Authority and stay healthy!

What moves us

Corporate Mission

Help to create unforgettable memories.

Corporate Vision

We want to be a global reference in our areas of action, through a differentiating offer of immersive and multi-sensorial bespoke experiences.

Values | Innovation

We focus the development of our products and services and our organizational model into more creative, effective and efficient practices and methods to generate competitiveness and value.

Values | Integrity

We believe that trust in interpersonal relationships is key to success. This trust can only be obtained through honesty, transparency and rectitude conduct: we respect the commitments we make.

Values | Customer Satisfaction

We create value for our customers by understanding, anticipating and satisfying their needs and expectations. Thus, we optimize the productivity and performance of the organization and enhance customer loyalty.

Values | Excellency

We want to achieve exceptional results for our organization, partners, clients and customers. To do so, we are committed to an agile and effective management method, focused on continuous improvement and resilience, the development of our human capital and the active commitment to have a positive impact on the world around us.

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